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12/9/19: Divest BU holds town hall on fossil fuel investment policies, Daily Free Press

3/22/19: DivestBU submits proposal requesting BU fully divest from fossil fuels, Daily Free Press

12/2/18: Divest BU holds teach-in to discuss environmental injustice, Daily Free Press

3/2/17: Student activists, faculty union hold rally, march to President Brown’s office, Daily Free Press

2/15/17: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An open letter to President Brown, in response his rejection of Divest BU’s petition demands, Daily Free Press

2/15/17: Divest BU lobbies President Brown for weeks, Daily Free Press

1/24/17: Divest BU participates in national day of action to #ResistRejectDenial, Daily Free Press

1/24/17: Students Double Down on Divestment, Public News Service

1/23/17: Boston University Student Activists Protest Trump, BU Fossil Fuel Holdings, New Boston Post

1/23/17: VIDEO: Walkout Spotlights Climate Policies, Boston Neighborhood News

1/22/17: Students planning Trump protests at area colleges, WHDH Channel 7 Boston News

1/22/17: Students planning Trump protests at area colleges, Boston Herald

12/12/16: Divest BU Calls for A More Environmentally Friendly Campus, Verge Campus

12/10/16: Divestment on college campuses: a deeper look, Boston Student Activism

12/9/16: Divest BU Calls for A More Environmentally Friendly Campus, Verge Campus

12/9/16: Divest BU marches, delivers petition, Boston Student Activism

12/9/16: Divest BU hosts rally, urges university to revisit fossil fuel divestment decision, Daily Free Press

12/8/16: Divest BU marches, delivers petition, Daily Free Press

10/18/16: VIDEO: Divest BU Outreach, Boston Student Activism

9/21/16: Boston University moves away from coal and tar sands, but won’t pledge full Divestment, Think Progress

9/20/16: BU Divests Without Actually Divesting in Latest Climate Announcement, Divestment Facts

9/20/16: BU vows to avoid but not ban fossil-fuel holdings, Boston Globe

9/16/16: Everything that happened at the Divest BU rally at Marsh Plaza, The Tab

9/16/16: Fossil fuel divestment at Boston University: a timeline, Daily Free Press

9/15/16: Photo Story: Boston University Students Rally In Support of Divesting …, Verge Campus

9/15/16: Students Rally for Fossil Fuel Divestment, BU Today

9/15/16: Group advocates for fossil fuel divestment ahead of trustee decision, Daily Free Press

9/13/16: OP-ED: Divestment will only occur if students demand it, Daily Free Press

4/25/16: OP-ED: The moral argument for BU to divest its fossil fuel holdings, Daily Free Press

4/20/16: ACSRI Recommendation Press Release

4/20/16: ACSRI Proposes Creation of Broad Climate Plan, BU Today

4/20/16: OP-ED: BU Board of Trustees should vote in favor of ACSRI recommendation of fossil fuel divestment, Daily Free Press

2/24/16: Professors, officials highlight implications of fossil fuel divestment, Daily Free Press

2/22/16: OP-ED: A chance to have our voices heard, Daily Free Press

2/22/16: POV: Why BU Needs to Divest from Fossil Fuels, BU Today

12/2/15: Students rally for divestment before ACSRI forum, Daily Free Press

11/20/15: BU Talks Climate Action at the White House, BU Today

11/5/15: The Students Fuelling the World’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns …, University Times

10/29/15: One week after MIT non-divestment decision, BU groups push for change, Daily Free Press

7/23/15: POV: Making Climate Change a Moral Issue, BU Today

6/16/15: Fossil-fuel divestment effort is a powerful strategy, Boston Globe

5/5/15: Climate Deniers Insert Themselves Into Boston University’s Divestment Debate, Think Progress

4/14/15: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In response to Keuler’s “Divestment — well-intended but Ineffective”, Daily Free Press

3/10/15: College fossil fuel divestment: the view from the lectern – World …,

2/12/15: The Path to Fossil Fuel Divestment for Universities: Climate Responsible Investment, Energy Context

11/18/14: POV: Why BU Should Divest from Fossil Fuel Companies, BU Today

9/11/14: ‘Wake Up Call Sounded’ on Climate, University Faculty Launch …, Common Dreams

9/10/14: BU Faculty Petition Urges Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies, BU Today

5/3/13: Divest BU: A School Year in Review | The Quad, The Quad

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